Fried Spring Rolls (2)  $2.95

served with sweet and sour sauce

Chicken or Tofu Satay (8)  $8.95

served peanut sauce and cucumber sauce

Fried Tofu (12)  $7.95

served with sweet sauce with ground peanut

Fresh Roll Shrimp or Vegetable only (2)   $5.95

served with homemade sauce

Fried Wonton (10)  7.95

Crispy wonton with ground chicken and veg served with sweet & sour sauce

Thai Fish cake (6)  $8.95

served with cucumber sauce and ground peanut

Thai Chicken Wings (6)  $7.95

chicken wings cooked with homemade sauce and served with sweet chili sauce

Thai Toast (6)  $8.95

crispy toast with ground chicken served with cucumber sauce

Potsticker (8) $7.95 

crispy or steam dumpling with ground chicken and vegetable served with homemade sauce

Crab puff (8)  $7.95

deep fried wonton with crab and cream cheese served with sweet and sour sauce

App Sampler (2 each) $12.95

Fried Rolls , Fresh roll, Crab puff, Bacon wraps, and Potstickers.